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Our mission is simple: We help good
people make
good business

Yes, we do cool things, but what really sets us apart is the way
we do them. We create a homey atmosphere that’s warm, kind
and compassionate.

We believe that by taking care of our clients’ needs better than
anyone else, we’ll always have business coming in — and this faith
has brought us fantastic results for last 12 years!

At the end of the day, the attitude you
give is the attitude you get
Mariusz Slowik

That’s why we joined forces. Because unity makes strength.
There are 9 of us in the office, but in practice our
collective consists of 56 top-class specialists
from Poland and Europe. Programmers,copywriters,
designers, and marketers. Are you one of them?

Our recipe for success is hard work.
No shortcuts. If we didn’t love what we do, we
wouldn’t be able to handle those looooong nights.

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Nearly all of us have worked for corporations, but we all
agree that our knowledge of how the big players play the
game should be used to serve small companies. Working
direct with business owners is a much more gratifying job.

Supporting small,
local initiatives makes
much more sense...

If you like the atmosphere of personal understanding that
small teams provide, you’ll feel at home when working with us.

So, what’s it like
to work with us?
Our work is guided by 3 simple values:
Acting with integrity
and keeping
our word.
Always going above
and beyond what
is expected of us.
Continuously evolving
and thriving
on change.

Enhancement of skills is a part of our culture. That’s why our articles
are regularly published and quoted in the most important magazines
in the industry. These include Forbes, as well as renowned
Polish-language business and design magazines.

We must be doing
something right if the
media considers us experts.

Of course, we have our weaknesses. We’re all late for
work from time to time. But we’re not late on deadlines. On
the contrary, we are extremely diligent. For this reason,
however, we can only take on a limited amount of work.

If you value beauty and understand the power of simplicity,
there’s a good chance we were made for each other.

Good designs are driven by simplicity. Why? Because simple
is smart. Simplifying complex stuff is not always easy,
butthe results are always worth it.

It’s attention to fine detail that
makes all the difference”
Jakub Piekarski
Lead designer

5. If you want to create a unique business, then you need an agency
that creates unique stuff. If you value beauty and understand the power
of simplicity, then there is a great chance that we are made for each other.


A good time for a short
walk through the studio

Officially we start our workday at 8:30 am. And though every
day is a bit different, some things are constant. Customer ser
vice, accounting, and many of our projects are managed under
the same roof. The door is usually unlocked by Maciej, who
usually comes just before 8 together with Kinga and Gosia.

They brew coffee, eat breakfast, and discuss the design tasks
for the day. And of course they put on some good music.

Kasia starts her day addressing correspondence from the previ
ous evening. She is the driving force behind our diligence and
punctuality. Working with her gives you the impression that
every company process has its own guardian angel.

The passion of our clients is much
more motivating than coffee.”
Kasia Żabkiewicz
Office manager

At the adjacent desk sits Kinga, who distributes work to our
designers and remote partners. Project management is a difficult
task, but fortunately she comes from a large and lovely family,
so it’s easy for her to communicate with everyone, even when
times are tough.

“I like to leave work knowing
that the job was done right.”
Kinga Stencel
Account manager

Also nearby sits Krzysztof. His awareness of online marketing
gives him an almost unfair advantage over the competition.

His strategies are already a legend in the industry. If he didn’t
work for us, we wouldn’t want him to work for anybody! His
strategies are already a legend in the industry

“If you don’t measure all results,
you’re not doing marketing right”
Krzysztof Gilowski
Marketing manager

In the next room are our Photoshop masters Jakub, Damian,
and Michał. These pixel busters serve up real eye candy.
You can just stare and stare

“The recipe for success is simple.
All you need is a bit of talent
and a ton of hard work.”
Damian Toczyłowski
Lead designer

In the opposite room sits Maciej. Though he studied fine arts at
university, he found his true passion in words. Not only does
he do all our copywriting, he helps everyone else get stuff done.
He’s our swiss army knife and our clients love his ideas!

“Being part of a startup success
is awesome feeling!”
Maciej Wysocki
Lead copywriter

Then we’ve got nearly 30 people who work for us every day
from other towns, cities, and countries. We learned long ago
that the best ideas don’t happen from 8 am to 4 pm. Many of
our creative gems come from digital nomads working at all
hours of the day (and night).

Oh, we’ve almost forgot to mention our happiness manager...

“Halinka is a sweet ball of love that
makes everything run smoothly,
and keeps stress to a minimum”

Our people are
your people now.

Let‘s do something
great together