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Imagine what it would be like to double your sales
within just a 90 days without spending more
than you already are on online marketing.

Likes and hearts are nice, but let’s face it -
you’re here for making more money...

Tired of that mystical secrets
from mystical marketing Gurus?
Try science instead.
It’s simple math...

It involves small improvements at many different stages of the
marketing process. For example, twofold growth can be the
sum of 25% gains in just 3 areas of business:

Without hard data, we would be just another marketing agency
with its own opinion. Erybody’s got one. That’s why we believe
in numbers instead opinions.

Performance marketing is based on scientific methodology. This
means testing hypotheses and collecting conclusive evidence. Just
like it puts planes in the air and shuttles in space, it can bring your
marketing results up, up, and away. Consistently.

What makes us different?

An obsession with your return on investment.

Marketing agencies usually bring prospects to your website. And what
next? Do you realize how much money are you leaving on the table?

In truth, it’s possible to get 2-3 euros back on every euro you invest. All
you have to do is focus on what happens once people land on your site.

How to make your texts and images more convincing?
How to increase the value of each order?
How to get visitors to return to your site?

These are just 3 of many questions we’ll find the profitable answers to.
We’re really good at it. And you don’t just have to take our word for it.

How well do we manage Facebook campaigns?

So well that Facebook interviewed
one of our marketers, Michael,
about our strategies. (Play)

How well do we manage AdWords campaigns?

So well that Google published an article
on how we reduce the cost of customer
acquisition through the platform.

The answer to all the
following questions is yes.

Can I expect quick results?

Yes. We optimize your marketing activities with a view to quickest return on investment. The rollout period for these activities depends on the type of business you run, as well as your marketing budget. In general, however, our clients’ marketing investments are returned in the third month of cooperation.

Do you work in all areas of marketing?

Of course. Our team consists of specialists in paid advertising, SEO, email marketing, mobile app marketing, social media, affiliate marketing, sales, and many other areas of marketing that promote customer acquisition. We are a 360° agency, i.e. an external marketing department that can develop your business as a whole.

Do you have experience in my industry?

Our educated guess is...yes! Over the last 12 years we’ve completed thousands of projects, so it’s rare that we get a project from a “new” industry. Ask our consultant about companies we’ve worked with that are similar to yours, and they’ll probably be able to give you at least a few examples.

Is it true that you don’t sign long-term contracts?

Yes, this is true. We believe that the results of good marketing should speak for themselves. That’s why the first step of cooperation - building a marketing strategy for your business - is completely non-binding. If you decide to cooperate on a permanent basis to implement this strategy, we will sign an agreement with a one-month notice period.

Will you prepare a marketing strategy for us before we start collaborating?

Yes. For each one of our clients, we draft a comprehensive document with analyses of your business, competitors, and target market. Then, on this basis, we build a marketing strategy for how to get you the quickest return on your investment.


Get a feel for how we can help you,
by seeing how we’ve helped others.

Australia Wielka Brytania eCommerce
How Michael helped double
turnover for The Book of
Everyone to €6,000,000 in
just one year.

Increasing the quality and quantity
of inquiries to your business
through every digital channel.

View the case study
Firma marketingowa zwiększa zyski

The Book of Everyone is an ecommerce shop that enables visitors to instantly design
personalised gift books loaded with interesting facts and other curiosities.

Michael Julian, one of Juicy’s marketers, spent 12 months working as The Book of Everyone’s
Chief Marketing Officer.

The shop’s biggest problem was that its marketing results were not properly measured.

Before I started working with The Book of Everyone, their marketing
lacked structure. The product was great, so it sold itself, but the fact
that there was no well-defined methodology for measuring results made
it impossible to make profitable decisions regarding how to develop
Michael Julian
Jeden z Owocnych Marketerów


To develop a strategy for the next year, Michael compiled all the available
sales data and organized them by channel (Facebook, Google AdWords,
Bing, etc.) and market (USA, UK, etc.).

Stwórz swoją książkę

Using the scenario method, he analyzed how improvement of key metrics such as conversion
rate and average order value would affect long-term gains.

Based on his conclusions, Michael made over a dozen profitable modifications to The Book
of Everything’s website and sales process. However, most promising for the growth of the
company was enhancement of its after-sales marketing.

After gaining a comprehensive view of The Book of Everyone’s business
model, I realized that the most significant growth wouldn’t come from
better acquisition of new customers, but from better retention of
existing ones.
Julian Michael Julian
Jeden z Owocnych Marketerów


Turnover doubled in 12 months

Thorough examination of the company’s existing customer base indicated that
it was characterized by the following demographics:

  • The majority of customers are mothers aged 20-30
  • Many customers own a dog
  • Many customers have lots of free time

Michael targeted personalized offers of new products to this group using
Facebook ads. He created a 90-day ad and email sequence which started with
every first purchase. The sequence significantly increased the profit per
customer and boosted company turnover by prompting not only repeat orders,
but referrals.

Michael zidentyfikował także inne dochodowe grupy docelowe, takie jak ludzie,
których matki obchodzą urodziny w ciągu następnych 30 dni. W niedługim czasie
reklama firmy The Book of Everyone uzyskiwała do 24 000 000 miesięcznych
wyświetleń na Facebooku.

Toincrease in turnover gether, these initiatives brought The Book of Everyone
a record 100% year on year.

Once the most profitable channels had been identified, the company’s
digital marketing became saturated. So, we then decided to move to
offline channels, such as holiday TV and radio spots, billboards, etc.
From that point on, we focused on building brand awareness, all the
while acquiring customers via email marketing, SEO, and formation of
a general community around the product.
Michael Julian
Jeden z Owocnych Marketerów
Polska Wielka Brytania B2B
How Krzysztof arranged
153 business meetings for
Dlabs in just 8 months.
Normally there’ve been 9!

B2B marketing for a software house.
With fantastic results.

View the case study
Email marketing dla twojej firmy

Dlabs is a software house that designs artificial intelligence solutions for large

The biggest problem for Dlabs’ CEO, Przemysław Majewski, was that there
was no reliable system for customer acquisition.
In this niche sector, orders are big and negotiations can last for months. Short
of working a double shift every day, there was no way for Przemysław to get
new orders.

We asked Juicy to design and implement a scaled marketing
system for Dlabs, because we’d had enough of the stress that
came with seeking orders on our own. In fact, this is often what
jeopardizes the success of companies in our field.
Przemysław Majewski
Przemysław Majewski


We created a comprehensive strategy for reaching out to and arranging
meetings with potential B2B clients. The strategy was based on direct contact
through LinkedIn, email, and traditional mail, and was aimed at
decision-makers of large companies that may benefit from AI-based solutions.
We determined over a dozen target groups and designed an entire system for
precise identification of prospects, as well as a scheme for conducting

preliminary talks.
We took over all communication with potential clients up until the first phone
call. Dlabs was responsible for determining the details of each project and
holding actual meetings.

Data analyst rozwiązujący problemy
The marketing funnel developed by
Juicy turned out to be deadly effective.
And most importantly - 100% scalable.
Przemysław Majewski
Przemysław Majewski


Thanks to our initiatives, Dlabs arranged 153 business
meetings in 8 months.

In just over half a year, Juicy helped us make more appointments than we had had in
the last 4 years. For the first time since we’d been in operation, we could freely expand
our team without having to worry that, at some point, there might be no work for
new people.
Przemysław Majewski
Przemysław Majewski
HiszpaniaApp / B2C
How Davide and Michael
brought the annual turn
over of Xceed from 0 to
over 9,000,000 €

Growing a Spanish startup
from zero to hero.

View the case study
Google adwords dla twojego biznesu

Xceed is a nightlife platform that connects clubbers with clubs and bars around the world. It helps
partygoers, wherever they are, to discover and attend the best events in town. Its Nightgraph software also
makes event management easier by eliminating the majority of paperwork, so that venue owners can focus
on what they love - hosting high-quality events.

Michael Julian and Davide Villano, the leaders of Juicy’s marketing team, combined forces to help this
startup soar.

Stage 1: Finding an

How to build a startup from scratch with a small
marketing budget?
Most startups are plagued by the same problem: they need money
to grow, but because they’re so new, they don’t have it.

Nocne życie w twoim zasięgu

Nightlife within reach
Xceed was no exception. Their product was great, but marketing it required
a major investment, and getting significant money from investors at this stage
was anything but easy. Without a proven business model, they couldn’t
expect any investor to provide a large cash injection.


A solid marketing strategy showing the shortest path to real gains.

Davide helped identify the most promising target group: Erasmus students. Erasmus students are known for
partying often, and since they are newcomers to the cities they are staying in, they don’t know where all the
best clubs and events are. This is the main problem that Xceed solves.

The application had to be attractive and make a good first impression, so a lot of effort was put into
designing the brand to fit in well with club culture.

Due to the startup’s tight budget, the first source of customer acquisition was SEO. Developing this channel
takes a while, but in the long run, it allows for a big return on investment at little cost.

Davide also formed partnerships with street promoters. They began to encourage passersby, in particular
Erasmus students, to install the application. Each time a promoter got someone to install, they got a
commission; and each user who installed got €5 in credit that could be redeemed towards club entry or
drinks. It was a win-win deal.

Xceed continuously expanded its network of promoters, which boosted key indicators for success of the

Thanks to our initiatives, Xceed confirmed its business model
in the eyes of investors and got an initial injection of over
€500,000, which was enough to finance expansion into other
Davide Villano
Davide Villano
Jeden z Owocnych Marketerów

Stage 2: From €0 to over €3m
in annual turnover

Operating on a larger scale requires a completely new strategy. Indeed, Xceed’s new budget meant that its current customer acquisition strategy was no longer the best use
of money.

Wykres pionowy dochodów

While partnerships with promoters didn’t cost much and allowed Xceed to test its business model, they
were time-consuming and therefore inappropriate for large-scale operations.

Davide and Michael had to change their approach and develop a new strategy based on online channels.


Take operations online

The best source of new users turned out to be current users.
So, Michael and Davide helped Xceed introduce an effective referral program,
whereby the person referring and the new user each got a free voucher redeemable through the app.

Xceed started building communities on Facebook and Instagram, and it launched Adwords campaigns
encouraging potential users to download the application, which caused the number of active users to

At the same time, Xceed took its content marketing to the next level and began to contact journalists,
bloggers, and “nightlife” influencers. It also established ties with several media, such as DJ Mag and Clubber
Mag. This, in turn, heightened the company’s SEO traffic.

Michael remarketed the company on Facebook and continuously tested ads for different target groups; he
suspended ads for the ones that weren’t responsive and increased the budget for those that were. The best
approach was to lump similar audiences into one large group, and then allow Facebook to optimize the
campaign to achieve the maximum number of app downloads.

Stage 3: From €3m to €9m
in annual turnover

A short user lifecycle Swift intensification of Xceed’s marketing efforts led to the acquisition of users in droves.

Rozwój xceed

Nevertheless, Davide and Michael stumbled upon another problem – new users stopped using the app very
quickly. All too often, they redeemed their free voucher and never opened it again.

It was clear that Xceed needed to concentrate more on user retention.


Identification of the most loyal groups of users via advanced

Xceed’s user segmentation at the time did not allow it to determine which marketing channels were bringing
it quality users, because usage statistics were very similar across most channels.

Metrics therefore had to be boosted by improving acquisition paths for specific personas.

Davide distinguished 3 groups of users, then customized the company’s marketing outputs to speak to
them. Key messages, promotions, and budgets were designated for each group.

Marketing to specific personas enabled us to
test different approaches and, ultimately,
achieve a sharp increase in revenue.
Michael Julian
Jeden z Owocnych Marketerów


2.5-fold increase in annual turnover

The testing of marketing approaches in stage 2 allowed Xceed to acquire new
users very efficiently.

Next, the creation of individualized sales paths for certain target groups in
stage 3 allowed the approaches that proved effective to be optimized for
long-term user value.

At the end of 2018, Xceed recorded an annual turnover of over €9m.

+€100,000/month for
Swedish cryptocurrency
exchange. 15% increase
in turnover in 5 months
thanks to SEO.

We help our neighbors get
more organic web traffic.

View the case study
Marketing mix 7p a kampanie reklamowe

Why 90% of marketing agencies
will burn your money by “accident” - and how to prevent this from happening.

Most agencies have a narrow focus, such as AdWords campaigns,
content marketing, SEO, or Facebook marketing.

How do they earn money? They persuade you to buy one specialized
service, which is usually either growing your site traffic, polishing your
web copy, or boosting your position in Google search results.

One-dimensional marketing, however, kills true potential gains.
If you want to get a high return on investment and rapidly
grow your company, you’re going to need more than that.

Juicy is anything but one-dimensional. Why?
The answer is simple. Our profit depends on your profit.

We don't account for
the position in Google,
impressions or
clickthrough rate.

We focus only on the
number of real clients.
After all, the only thing
that matters is your

Most of our clients come to us because their marketing investments
have left them at a loss or with only marginal gains.

You don’t have to worry about that with Juicy. Since we serve all digital
advertising channels, our precision is laser, and we only act when it
makes financial sense. When our clients grow, we grow, too.

Our intentions are clear and honest.
We’re in business to build lifelong partnerships.

Next step?

Let‘s start with complete analysis
of your growth possibilities

First, we thoroughly review your company. We learn your sales processes,
analyze your sector of the market, and even call your competitors.
Then, together with you, we set realistic goals and determine a reliable
marketing plan.

Everything we do will be individually
tailored to your company.

Keep in mind that your consultation with us will not be a standard business
talk. You’ll be speaking with one of our highly qualified strategists,
who will determine a method for maximizing your number of potential
customers and increasing your sales. All without obligations.

So, go ahead and tell us a bit about your business.
We’d love to make your dream come true, too.

The best way to start with
great marketing is to
find great people.